About the AELLK

The Association of English Language & Literature in Korea

About the AELLK

AELLK, the Association of English Language and Literature in Korea provides opportunities for its members to share their scholarly findings and teaching experiences with colleagues and to discuss topics in the academy. Founded in 1969 for the advancement of the study of English language and literature in Korea, AELLK holds bi-annual conferences and other meetings, works with related organizations in the humanities. For more than half a century, AELLK members have worked to improve the study and teaching of language and literature in Korea.

The AELLK's Mission

  • Programs serving English literature and language teachers
  • Bi-annual conferences on a wide variety of subjects
  • Major periodical publication: SELL, Studies in English Language & Literature, one of the most distinguished journals in the humanities in Korea
  • Discussion groups for specialized scholarly and teaching interests of members
  • Membership committees overseeing association activities and publications
  • Over 900 members

Membership in Association Activities

  • Over 80 members are elected to govern the association through its Executive Council, and other governance committees.
  • Over 11 members serve on the executive committees and they help determine much of the policies.
  • Over 60 members present papers each year at the conventions/conferences, Spring and Fall.

AELLK Officers and Members of the Executive Council

  • The officers and other members of the Executive Council are elected by the AELLK membership and have administrative responsibility for the association.

AELLK Executive Council

President Kim, Mi-na, Jeonju Univ.
Vice President Kim, Chang-soo, Konyang Univ.
Shin, Kyoung-sook, Yonsei Univ.
Cho, Sook-hee, Chung-Ang Univ.
Seo, Hae-ryen, Woosuk Univ.
Hwang, Hoon-sung, Dongkook Univ.
Sohn, Young-mi, Wonkwang Univ.
Min, Kyung-taek, Chungnam Univ.
Seo, Kil-su, Daeshin Univ.
Lee, In, Jeonju Univ. of Education
Kim, Sung-jae, Hanyang Univ.
You, Jeong-suk, Jeonju Univ.
Kang, Kwan-soo, Shingyeong Univ.
Park, Hyesook Kunsan Univ.
Kang, Shin-wook, Chonbuk Univ.
Secretary of General Affairs Kim, Chonghyuck, Chonbuk Univ.
Treasurer Lee, Il Jae, Chonbuk Univ.
Editor-in Chief Wang, Eun-chull, Chonbuk Univ.
Executive Editorial Manager Hwang, Chee Bok, Jeonju Univ.