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47권 4호 (2021년 11월)

Quotidian Resistance to Affective Biopolitics in Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro


Pages : 119-137





Lee, Seul Ki. “Quotidian Resistance to Affective Biopolitics in Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.” Studies in English Language & Literature 47.4 (2021): 119-137. Many questions come to mind when reading Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro, one of which is: Why don’t the students attempt to escape their fate? Scholars such as Maren Tova Linett utilizes Giorgio Agamben’s concept of the homo sacer to analyze the novel from a biopolitical stance. In my paper, I add on to the research done these scholars and shift the focus to the seemingly all pervasiveness of this ‘organ harvesting programme,’ as there is no clear explanation as to why the clones do not attempt to escape their fate. My first aim is to investigate the bio-political use of affect through the framework of Michel Foucault on the students in Hailsham and beyond, that establishes a seemingly unequivocal system of organ harvesting. Next, this paper examines the organ harvesting program’s parameters by examining deferrals through what Lauren Berlant calls ‘cruel optimism.’ Finally, I analyze Kathy’s narrative through Saidiya Hartman’s concept of everyday resistance, reading her care for the donors as a form of resistance. In this way, I argue that even in a system that seems all-encompassing, there are possibilities of transient resistance. (Ewha Womans University)


# Quotidian Resistance # Never Let Me Go # Affect # Biopolitics # Kazuo Ishiguro


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