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47권 4호 (2021년 11월)

루이스 어드릭의 『사랑의 묘약』에 나타난 문명 위기와 타자 윤리학


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Park, Kyungsook. “The Crisis of Civilization and Ethics of the Other in Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine.” Studies in English Language & Literature 47.4 (2021): 23-42. This paper is to examine Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine with M. Bakhtin’s ethical approach. It is done by analyzing the crisis aspect of civilization in Native American life and exploring a concept of ethics of the other which Erdrich tries to represent through her novel. Native American way of life is based on object-centered ethics, free from subject-centered ethics which is the main characteristic of the western civilization. Native Americans are forced to assimilate into the American culture and catholic religion, but under the object-centered ethics they successfully establish their identities, restore relationships, and build a real sense of community. This course has the same way with Bakhtinian ethics of the other. According to Bakhtin, because all the events of the life are closely related to the involvement of others, I-subject is necessarily oriented towards other, and in order to be real subject in the life, subject has to be answerable to other by doing responsible acts. This concept of ethics is directly reflected in Native American life, and the novel hereby presents us the possibility of recovering from the crisis of civilization. (Chonnam National University)


# Louise Erdrich # Love Medicine # Native American # Crisis of Civilization # Ethics of the Other


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